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Wyświetlanie postów z listopada 5, 2015

Optimistic/ Optymistycznie

You know what I discovered? That much better than making a huge, longterm, excessive goals, which are mostly unfeasible to do and counting that maybe somehow, someday it will be done, is making a huge, unfeasible goals, but striving to it by little steps, generally unnoticeable for our surrounding and ourselves. Attempt to change our habits is invaluable and necessary, if only we have dreams and we want to succeed. Oh, what the heck, I will tell you more, because of changing our behavior we can see what our real dreams are at the time when we think, that we are finished and it is nothing left for us in this world. After we rise from the bottom, while we are struggling with yourself and with the whole world, when nothing is sure, this is the time when we are noticing that life is not that simple and predictable as we were thinking. This is giving us strength to keep going, to fall and raise up, one time after another, uncountable times everyday. When we know that we can survive all of …

English version / Wersja angielska

I was at the lecture of the one man from Sweden and he said to his audience one inspiring thing: "If you want to do something, do it in English. It will get totally different, bigger, when you will go on the international level". I thought "Hey, why not to get into it? Maybe he is right!" So I am starting this. I translated three posts into English, more will be done by me consequently, but later, I have to study a lot now. I will translate more up to date. As you can anticipate, it's a little bit of work with this, especially for someone who don't use that language everyday, so bigger posts will not be translated day by day, sadly, I cannot work on my blog more than one hour a day. Mainly it is caused by my university, where I have so much to learn, that I am constantly reading science books or doing presentations (sic!). That's all what I wanted to say, thank you for reading, have a great evening!

Dzięki temu, że poszedłem na pewien ciekawy wykład, pe…